Victory Riding Academy

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Victory Riding Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2010 and achieved non-profit status in June of 2012. In addition, VRA was accepted and registered as a Horses4Heroes Gold Star riding facility in October of 2012. We are funded 100% by donations; no one at Victory receives a salary or any compensation.

Our programs are offered to Veterans, active duty Military, Police, Fire, First Responders and their families. Whether it’s defending our country, our city or helping individuals in crisis, the men and women who perform these services and their families are often the ones who need help in the aftermath of executing their duties

As of January 1, 2016, there have been approximately 52,000 wounded Military and 400,000 affected with PTSD. In addition, one need only listen to the news daily to know that those protecting us at the city and state level are under siege as well.

Equine assisted therapy is a successful avenue of healing in many ways. A horse by virtue of being a herd animal is tuned into emotions and body language. This is profoundly helpful for those who cannot or do not wish to participate in verbal therapies. It is clinically proven that being around horses can change human brainwave patterns in a positive direction. In addition, the movement pattern of a horse’s gait on a human rider is rhythmic and repetitive which can improve stability and equilibrium.

Additionally, Victory Riding Academy has been asked to participate in events that include at-risk inner-city youth. It is especially fulfilling to witness the children seeing a full-size horse for the very fist time. Then, when they are placed in the saddle, it is as exciting for us to have introduced them to horses as it is for them to be able to ride one.

Honor a Veteran

Click to add a name or view our Honor A Veteran page.  Because Veterans Day and Memorial Day are not the only days we need to say Thank You!

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