Honor a Veteran


Victory Riding Academy would like say Thank You to you and your family for your service and sacrifices to keep this great country safe and free.  Below you will find names of those that are being honored by friends and loved ones not only on Veterans Day, but everyday!

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Thanks and God Bless!

Norman Barnes, U.S. Navy

Thanks Dad for serving in the Navy and for being such a great role model.     -Tony Barnes

James McMullen, U.S. Air Force

Thanks for your service.  Love you.     – Karla Gunderson

Bill Barnes, U.S. Army

Thank you Uncle Bill for your service.  Wish you could have met my girls.  We love and miss you ’til the numbers stop!     -Sondra Barnes

Norman Barnes, U.S. Navy, USS Forrestal

Thank you Dad.     -Sondra Barnes

Tony Barnes, U.S. Navy

Thank you for your service.  I couldn’t have asked for a better big brother!  I love u ’til the numbers stop!     -Sondra Barnes

Jim Karstens, U.S. Navy, USS Dayton

Thank you Grandpa for your service to our great country!     -Ty Karstens

Monte Marten, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Uncle Monte, thank you for fighting a very difficult war.  We are so grateful you returned safely.  Love you!    -Tina Karstens

Lester Marten, U.S. Army

Thank you for serving Great-Grandpa; I never got to meet you but we have your medals, patches, and old leather wallet to remember you by.    -Ty Karstens

Carla S. Marciniak,  U.S. Air Force

Mom, Thank you for your many years of service to our country and all that you’ve accomplished for our family!! – Matthew G. Marciniak

Kenneth Zukas,  U.S. Air Force

Munitions Officer – Vietnam Era

John Brouilette,  Marines, Army, National Gaurd

Thank you dad for your years of service to our country. You went above and beyond what you had to and growing up with you made us girls what we are today. I support all our men and women and will until my dying day. Love you and miss you so much. Until we see each other again. Your daughter forever and a day.

Thomas R. Foreman,  U.S. Air Force

Thank you for your service and your sacrificed time away from the kids as you served our country.

Anthony Porter,  US Army, US Air Force

20 year Army and Air Force Retired Veteran. Loving husband to Raquel Porter and father to Alejandra, Paul, and Donatello Porter.

Daniel M. Lozano,  US Air Force(Retired)

Thank-You, Pape.  For your service for our country and all the work you do to keep us safe. Love you, Matthew, Nicholas , Olivia (grandkids).

Cherylee M Phillips,  US Air Force

To The most amazing Mum,
Thanks for you and your service. Chance Arnold

Dwight Poyzer,  US Navy

Thank you, Daddy for the years of service you committed to your country and countrymen through your service in Korea. You were a great role model and taught your children the benefit of integrity and hard work. I miss you and look forward to seeing you again when I reach my final destination.

Josh Buckridge,  US Marine Corps

Thank you baby for everything you have done for this country. I love you 🙂

Eugene Holman, Jr,  US Navy

Want to honor my father for his service on the USS Midway, and his life.

Eugene T. Holman,  US Army

Want to honor my brother for his service in the US Army. I know the email is my nephew’s, so Donald please convey my appreciation to your Dad, my brother.

Thanks Gene, Al

Alan E. Holman,  US Navy

Want to honor my Alan for his service in the Navy during the Desert Shield/Desert Storm campaign.

Ray Jacobson,  US Navy

               Dad & Grandpa – thank you for your service to our country while in the Navy. You were so proud to be a veteran and we were proud of you. We miss you so much.  Love your family – Jim, Debbie, Jeff, Shawna, Nick, Andrew & Lindsey Ciurej.


John Furlow, U.S. Army,

               Thank you Dad/Grandaddy!   Love, Sam, Ronell, Ronnie, Charlie, Dannie